Our latest thinking on the topic of Sustainable Capitalism

White Papers

20 May 2015
Allocating Capital for Long-Term Returns [pdf]
30 October 2013
Stranded Carbon Assets: Why and How Carbon Risks Should Be Incorporated in Investment Analysis [pdf]
Update: 26 November 2013 | Collaboration with Bloomberg on Carbon Risk Valuation Tool
To help investors integrate the concept of stranded carbon assets into practice, we have collaborated with Bloomberg to develop a new valuation tool which integrates carbon risks into familiar valuation models. Bloomberg's Carbon Risk Valuation Tool provides investors with enhanced analytical capabilities to identify carbon-intensive assets vulnerable to stranding, a critical step in navigating the transition to a low carbon economy. Bloomberg has released a White Paper and the tool itself is available on Bloomberg by typing in XLTP XCO2.
15 February 2012
Sustainable Capitalism [pdf]
September 2005
The Prudent Trustee, by Jed Emerson and Tim Little, with contributions from Jonas Kron [pdf]

Research with Partners

30 January 2014
Earnings Guidance: Part of the Future or the Past? [pdf], in partnership with KKS Advisors
17 December 2013
Building a long-term shareholder base: assessing the potential of loyalty-driven securities [pdf], in partnership with Mercer and Stikeman Elliott


13 September 2012
A New Paradigm for Finance, David Blood at TEDxHelvetia
12 February 2012
Al Gore and David Blood on Sustainable Capitalism


16 April 2015 | The Guardian
Cheap coal is a lie – stand up to the industry's cynical fightback, by Al Gore and David Blood [pdf]
6 August 2014 | Financial Times
Strong Economic Case for Coal Divestment, by Al Gore and David Blood [pdf]
30 October 2013 | The Wall Street Journal
The Coming Carbon Asset Bubble, by Al Gore and David Blood [pdf]
14 December 2011 | The Wall Street Journal
A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism, by Al Gore and David Blood [pdf]
27 November 2009 | Financial Times
Time is up for short-term thinking in global capitalism, by Al Gore and David Blood
March 2009 | Copenhagen Climate Council Thought Leadership Series
Catalyzing Capital Towards the Low-Carbon Economy, by David Blood and James Cameron
5 November 2008 | The Wall Street Journal
We Need Sustainable Capitalism, by Al Gore and David Blood
17 April 2008 | Financial Times
Future Performance Relies on Sustainability, by Al Gore and David Blood
28 March 2006 | Wall Street Journal
For People and Planet, by Al Gore and David Blood [pdf]
7 July 2005 | Financial Times
It is Essential for Investors to Look to the Long Term, by Al Gore and David Blood [pdf]
10 December 2004 | Environmental Finance
The Next Generation, by David Blood [pdf]


27 February 2013 | London, UK
Tomorrow's Company: Sustainable Capitalism & the transition to a low carbon economy, by David Blood [pdf]
19 March 2010 | London, UK
Sustainable Capitalism, by David Blood [pdf]
10 May 2005 | Institutional Investor Summit on Climate Risk
Address by Al Gore [pdf]
26 April 2005 | Georgetown University
Address by David Blood [pdf]